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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thank you Sara and Suzanne!

I've been busy the last 2 weeks. I dyed and packaged a whole bolt of silk! My friend Suzanne Higgs is taking some of my things to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival which is the first weekend in May and I believe the largest sheep and wool show in the country. Doing a show is so much work -- so THANK YOU Suzanne for including me in your booth! If you are going that way, look for Suzanne in Susan's Fiber Shop (Suzanne and Susan are sharing a booth -- you can read her blog post about it here:

Also, Sara West, a friend and fabulous nuno felter made two pieces for me for Suzanne to display in the booth. She made a shawl with ruffles on my new fabric I call "spring" and a really cute thin scarf. I wish you could see all of the detail she puts in her work, it is really beautiful! My sister took me to lunch for my birthday and came in wearing pink and denim. The scarf went perfectly with her outfit, so I got her to wear it to lunch so I could admire it before it went on it's way to Maryland.

Many thanks to both of you!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Big Picture...

I was perusing an art book while waiting for my turbo tax to update itself. You know, that "I'll just browse for a second and I'll pick this book because it's due back at the library" kind of moment. But something wonderful happened in that moment. I got something that I've danced around for years. It's really simple and I'll share with you!

What I got was the idea behind the "art language" if you will. I used to read things about art principles and elements and just put the books gently back down. But now I get it. So here goes!

Art principles are sort of the big picture guidelines for how to make your art pieces work. Things such as balance, variety and unity. Elements are the tools we use to create with. Line, shape, color, and texture are elements that all go into making up the piece within the big picture guidelines.

Simple, right?

Anyone want to send in pictures of pieces which demonstrate balance? I would love to see them and I'll work on some demonstrations myself.