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Friday, May 6, 2011

Latest nuno scarf class pictures -- perhaps some inspiration?

Here are some photos of my class last weekend at the Creative Arts Center. I thought there were some really beautiful pieces here! I also thought those of you reading might like to see how we compose on these pieces. We start with a piece of 3.0 mm silk chiffon or gauze (like I sell in my scarf kits). The chiffon is much easier to felt than the habotai and a good choice for beginners. I bring all kinds of other light weight textures to class. There are silk hankies, silk throwster's waste, cheesecloth, silk and bamboo roving, ribbons, wool yarns and some synthetic yarns and ribbons which are very light weight and have holes in them for color. I usually bring Angelina, I forgot it last week.

If any of the textures are heavy or difficult to felt in I try to make sure everyone puts wool under and over those to hold them. The wool on top can be just tiny wisps so it will not cover the things you have put on as decorations.
I sell some of these textured things in my etsy shop -- and you probably have some things like wool yarns and some other really light weight natural fiber things in your stash, right?

It is fun to compose this way! The scarves come out beautifully!