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Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspiration for Today

I woke up full of inspiration today. I have been studying a small piece of felt that I made that reminds me of tidepools and another that is sort of landscape like. I always go into my stash and find the materials that inspire me when I create. Both of these pieces were made on prefelts and have lots of texture from fabric, cheesecloth, silk and bamboo roving, silk hankie etc.

 I struggle with ways to package these things and get them out into the world so you guys can play too. But today I had some new inspiration! So I got out lots and lots of pieces of fabric, cheesecloth, prefelts etc. A color feast at my house!

This final picture is the result of my play for the day. A kit that has some velvet, silk gauze, silk habotai, silk hankie, cheesecloth and some dupioni which I pull apart and use for threads.  You could use a kit like this to make a scarf starting with prefelt and have a gorgeous scarf in no time! Look for more on these soon!