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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Color Everywhere!

Another busy week -- this time I am working on my "color kits" -- a new product I am offering. These kits will have 9 colors of silk in a combination of habotai and gauze in a color theme. There is enough silk to make a nuno pillow or purse or embellish a wall piece. Of course I had to try a few. I started out with just habotai (the shiny silk), but found I liked composing with the contrast of the gauze and habotai -- the smooth and shiny look great together! So I am back to dyeing a bit more fabric. Stay tuned!

I am also playing with the journals and color themes. The piece above reminds me of a tide pool, so a journal adorned with this piece might be titled "A Summer to Remember"...

This piece looks sort of oriental -- that is primarily due to the colors. It has all sorts of texture in it.

Cheers! -- I am going to go finish dyeing that gauze so I can get those color kits out the door.

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