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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reflections on Taking Risks

Well, I've been through some interesting months. The "too much going on" led to some much needed down time, then some reflection on why I do what I do. Seems that I work harder and make less than I used to (by several fold!).

The outcome of the reflection is: I will journey on! I am comforted by so many of you who share the self employment struggle -- (it is harder than working for someone else in case you were wondering!). I am also touched by so many of you who love what I do. Thank you all!

The final clarity came today when I was looking through my beloved books and came upon an old favorite called "The Joy Diet" by Martha Beck. (Find her monthly column in the O Magazine). I opened the book right to the chapter about taking risks. Seems that taking risks is task #5 of 10 tasks she prescribes to live a joyful life.

Martha says "The criterion by which you should decide which dangers to face, and which to avoid, is not your chance of succeeding but the depth of your desire. If you pursue only risks that are interwoven with your heartstrings, your life will be what it should be, no matter what the outcome of a given situation."

Wow, those are powerful words. Seems like I have taken way too many risks the past several years, but I am doing what I love. My heart says continue.

Bless you all for being there! Happy New Year!


  1. Good luck in this coming year, I'm hoping that an upturn in the economy will be reflected in more people being able to afford hand made . I still haven't the courage to try and "make a living" of what I make, if people actually understood how many hours are actually spent on every detail of home business....from hours spent buying the best and most economic supplies, to hours of preparing for shows and promoting self, to hours of learning new techniques....and the cost of "fails" in time and supplies....and no paid vacations or medical benefits . It's a brave path indeed .

  2. I like the Martha Beck quote, Suzanne;.especially about the criteria for facing or avoiding the risks we choose to take! I wish you all the best for 2011 being a wonderful years of risks from the heart and surprises of the good kind following after!

  3. Suzanne, I really believe you are on the right path, even as struggles are always be part of the self employed life. I really like Martha Beck and you are wise to give yourself time to rest and regroup. Happy New Year.

  4. Thank you guys! None of this is easy, but no one said it would be. It's all good! We learn and grow together...Happy New Year!