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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Silk and Velvet Play Pacs

Nothing like a deadline to get me to focus! I am about to do a show so I need to get some things finished! I've finished the jacket I made in class (yea, still needs one more pass at fulling for fitting, but it is wearable!) I am going to teach an easy garment class in Asheville NC this July. Watch my website for details!

I am working on the colors for the play packs I mentioned a while back. So fun to work on colors! If anyone has a request, please let me know. One of the play packs will be the rust, rusted, black and turquoise I used to make my jacket. Still working on that one! The play pac shown has some of my Autumn Gold and some Canyon fabric in it. I am adding fun things like silk and bamboo roving and a selvage from a piece of my fabric. Fun to have some different textures to use. I will have wools and prefelts to match these kits so you can make mosaic style pieces. My deadline is soon! I also have some trial versions of these packs in my Etsy shop. If anyone has suggestions, now is the time!

Ahh, and then to get some videos done to show people how to make some of these things. Any good movie makers out there?

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