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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Nuno Felt

I know there are lots of you out there that are trying to figure out how to nuno felt. It is similar to regular wet felting with a few important exceptions. There are many ways to nuno felt, but I have figured out some pretty easy ways to do it and have taught many people. There are free instructions on my website which is my name, -- go to the instructions tab. These instructions will teach you how to add fabrics in a collage style to prefelts. (you could also lay out your wool and add the fabrics). I also provide instructions for nuno felting a scarf for free with any purchase. I will answer any questions that you may have by email or phone. I now have a teaching video that you can wach -- see the process unfole. It is $9.95 and you can download instantly. Here is the link  Or, you can just read through this blog and get lots of insights!!!! The most common problem I hear about with people trying to learn whose projects did not work is that they were using the wrong materials.

Cheers and happy felting and please leave comments here! I just checked my blog count and over 40,000 people have visited my blog. Speak up you guys!!! Thanks for all of your support over the years. Running a small business is not easy!!!

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