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Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired by Chihuly

I am so excited about what is new in my life. I took an online class and learned to make 3d felts. We made a little pod or star wars type character, but the techniques can be used to make all sorts of 3d shapes. I also had the pleasure of teaching at the Dallas Arboretum on the day the Dale Chihuly glass exhibit opened. I taught a nuno scarf class and decided to make some silk in the bright colors that Chihuly uses in his work. The scarves were playful and fun!!! But the real inspiration that I got from looking at Chihuly's work and learning to do the 3d felting is -- I want to make felted pieces inspired by his work. I am so excited by this prospect! Life is so interesting sometimes! Here are photos of the scarves and Chihuly's work and my first Chihuly inspired pod. Fun!!!

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