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Sunday, March 22, 2009

One Year Later...

I just finished sewing the beads on this piece yesterday. (Finally!) I've shown it to a few people and they seem to really like it. I'm also getting ready to do a show next weekend so I started pulling out what I have in inventory to sell (it is an art show, so I need finished pieces). I found a journal that I had done about a year ago. Here it is:

There is a paper tag on the journal cover that says "inquire within" and the theme of this book was meant to be contemplation. I did this piece entirely by intuition. When I created the piece this year (The one above left -- I need a name for it, perhaps Contemplation?) I knew that I was creating with primarily horizontal lines and that horizontal lines are restful. I used the colors that Leatrice Eiseman calls "contemplation" in her book "Color: Messages and Meanings". I love the peacefulness that I find in nature, so the scene resembles a landscape. Perhaps the larger beads are houses tucked in by a river on a hillside. However you interpret this piece, I meant to convey peaceful contemplation. Something serene. But this time I knew that I was doing that -- the first time was sort of hit or miss. Yeah! I learned something!

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  1. Love the felted piece, Suzanne. Very life giving, colorful and sensual. Nicely done!