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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More on Personal Symbols

I posted an earlier photo of this group of personal symbols -- here is the final version:

Many many thanks to contributing artists Marjorie Nichols, Kimberly Morris and Rhonda Douglass who helped with the mounting. This piece is hanging at the Creative Arts Center at the moment. All three of these woman can be found on Facebook. Kim and Marjorie are at the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival this weekend. Booths 352 and 364.

Rhonda helped me create this clever mounting which started with a metal barbecue grill from Home Depot. Each piece was mounted on foam core board and attached with metal tape. The images are interchangeable.

On my walk the other morning I spotted a tree that spoke volumes to me. It was an old tree that had been partially uprooted by the winds. Yet it lives on and is beginning to bloom. That old tree spoke to me about how life can uproot us, but yet we go on. My first pictures did no justice to the tree. I will continue to try to capture the essence of this tree and work with it as a personal symbol. The best picture was of the bare roots -- so torn, yet they continue to support the tree!


  1. Hi Girl. The pieces look great and Congrats on Tyler's scholarship - that is a BIG deal.

  2. Thanks Connie -- only his scholarship is in Virginia, so I am sad about that. Oh well, it's only a plane ride away!