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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Everything Kits

Yesterday wasn't a great day -- I've spent a lot of money on my house lately and yesterday I had to replace one of the A/C components. As one friend said, it's only time and money -- no one died. (I try to remember to keep that perspective).
The day got brighter when a package arrived from Gale of Gale's Art. (Here is a link to her ETSY shop Gale made some custom hand dyed hankie and roving for me for my new color kits. I'm adding more colors of fabric and some designer wool yarns. Gorgeous things! So here is the first of the kits:
It's amazing how playing with things we love can make us feel better. I know the color just makes me happy! Look for it on my website.
Here's another picture of my new favorite tree:

More work with this soon! Cheers and happy earth day. Let's all join in and try to change just one thing to help the earth.

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