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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Working With Personal Symbols

I have been working lately with creating personal symbols with the smaller everything kit sized pieces. I've had the pleasure of working with others on this concept. It's been fun and I've seen some beautiful things happen. I am teaching a class at the Creative Arts Center next weekend around this concept. ( Arts) Here are the reflections of one of the participants, Camille DeSalme:

"In early February, I worked—okay, played!—with Suzanne Morgan and a couple other friends in a personal symbols felting class. It was fun!

Suzanne laid out all her gorgeous materials, then showed some finished personal symbol feltings that others had done. I didn’t come up with a symbol that I wanted to use until Suzanne said, ”Something that symbolizes your life.”

Ah ha! I have a mental image of a path thru life. Can’t see the whole thing, don’t know where it’s going in the far future. But I can see enough of it for now. That’s what sprang to mind, and what went into my felting. I laid out my wool and silk and cheesecloth with the idea that the path starts outside the piece from the left, and continues off the piece on the right. When I was doing the felting, I was hit with a strong emotional something; yes, that’s not specific, but neither was the feeling. I had been ready to move further along my path, and hoped the felting was making that happen. The feeling passed. I just kept on felting and hoping.

I love my path piece: the colors are so varied and vibrant. It’s on my living room wall.

A few weeks later, I started working with a friend, training for a new career as a copy editor. Shortly thereafter, I drew a simple picture of me enjoying financial security; I’ve been unemployed for a decent while. The drawing is of me sleeping soundly—I’ve lost a lot of sleep worrying about finances. I taped the drawing to the wall a very little bit to the right of my felted path, imagining that I would move from the path, over the gap between the pieces, to financial security. And it started happening! The training is going well, I’m sleeping more soundly, and thank God, I’m happier.


—Camille DeSalme

Yeah Camille! I think being able to see a symbol sends a powerful message to our subconscious sometimes. We don't always communicate with words! Cheers and I will post more personal symbols pics soon! Camille's picture is posted on my January 3 post titled "Reflections on Starting a Business" and you can find her on facebook @Camille DeSalme.

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