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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What have I learned lately?

Sometimes I forget to write about things I am learning. I am reflective by nature and always trying to figure things out about the world and the people I am surrounded by. Sometimes I forget to write those things down.
So here are some random thoughts:

I just love nurturing creativity and being around creative people. I really do think allowing ourselves to create is healing at such a deep level. Also allowing our work just to be how it is that day is a great thing. (Sometimes we like what we see and some times we don't -- kind of like life!) Being able to embrace all of those days is wonderful...

Teenagers are supposed to go to college or otherwise be on their own!

You cannot please everyone -- I have tried all of my life to make others happy and the undoing of that is a challenge. But I am learning that life will go on even if it is sometimes unsettled...

Oh, and here are some tree pieces I've been working on. (Remember my leaning tree?) The first one looked OK before felting -- I was doing a demo and didn't have all of my stash to pull from. I didn't like it later. The second one I did after seeing the work of Margo Duke at the Martha Pullen show last week. Margo is inspirational to be sure! Here is a link to Margo's blog so you can see some of the amazing things she creates I think the second piece has promise...
So, like the tree, I've learned that we can grow even through the unsettled times when we feel uprooted. Not easy. but can be done!

More Fun at the Creative Arts Center

Very fun group at the Creative Arts Center!! Nurturing Creativity is strong there-- take a class if you can!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Class at Fancy Fibers

We had a great time at Mary Berry's Fancy Fiber Farm yesterday. Mary lives in Farmersville which is about 25 miles east of McKinney. She has angora rabbits and goats, alpacas and sheep who provide beautiful fibers which Mary dyes and sells. Her website is Good for you Mary for making your dreams come true!

Everyone had fun making their felted creations. Here are the pictures of the class:

Thank you guys for being so much fun!