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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Felting with Merino Prefelts

I have been using lightweight prefelts to make all sorts of things since I started this business. They are so versatile and really help the beginning felter learn to felt quickly without spending a lot of time laying out fibers. I love the fact that you can cut and shape the pieces so you have an idea of what your finished piece will look like from the start. The surface of the prefelt is not as lustrous as some regular wool when felted, so I think it is a good idea to add wool roving to the surface as a design element and also add other textures -- silk hankie or cotton cheesecloth are good choices as they are both very easy to felt in. Also the silk and bamboo roving that I dye is beautiful and easy to felt in. The prefelts are also wonderful to needle felt into. I even felt velvet into the pieces and it holds up wonderfully!

 I just started making the prefelt scarf kits. I taught a scarf class at the Arboretum of Dallas last weekend using this size prefelt and the participants were delighted! I forgot to take pictures, so sorry. We also added wool yarns and wool locks to our pieces -- the photo above was my sample piece. See how pretty the surface of the finished piece is with the wool roving and some silk added? (I have these in my Etsy shop and provide very detailed instructions if you want to try one!)

Since it is getting cold, look for some shawl sized pieces and ideas coming up soon!  I am getting closer on the kits I spoke of in my last blog entry -- fat quarter sized pieces of my fabrics bundled together with some cheesecloth and velvet. Think I will call those "play packs". These will be perfect to use with a piece of prefelt to make a beautiful scarf or shawl.

I use the prefelts in my everything kits -- when I make something with an everything kit I usually make highly detailed small pieces such as cuffs, a small piece of art or a small purse. These kits can also be used to needle felt -- just look at the pieces Jane LaFazio and her students made at the Houston Quilt Festival last weekend!

Fun! Create on out there!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Suzanne! That red kit/scarf is luscious!! You know I love your kits, and you were missed at the Houston Quilt Festival this year!

  2. Thanks Jane! Wish I could have been there!

  3. I took the prefelt (from a scarf kit I bought from you) cut and needle felted it into a tree for part of the background of my current shadowbox. The tree is needlefelted onto a wet felted background. I'll send you a pic when I am finished. Lovely stuff to work with!

  4. How Awesome! Thanks for sharing Sue -- prefelts are so versatile -- yours is a wonderful example of how you can cut and shape them. Can't wait to see the picture!

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