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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nuno Felting Video Now Available!!!

My first video "Basic Nuno Felting" is available for purchase -- go to my website Reviews so far have been great!

Also, Kathyanne White has printed on several pieces of my felted fabric with great results. See her blog post here: and stay tuned for more about that!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Patterns for Nuno gettin' closer!

Wow, thanks so much to all of you patient people who have been waiting for me to release my first nuno pattern. I finished the paper pattern months ago, but found it a little overwhelming to write directions that I felt anyone could follow, no matter what your felting level. I have been working on a video so you can see how I felt. Guess what? It is finally done! I am so excited. The video will be released on Vimeo around the first of June. In the video I teach you how to make a nuno scarf, but you will see how to lay out wool and use the sander, both of which you will need to know to make a garment.

Now that I have some video footage for you to review, I will focus on packaging up the pattern so it can go out in the world. I've taught the class several times and had some wonderful results (photos above). I hope to develop other pattern styles as well... Here is a link to my pinterest page where I've been putting photos of the finished pieces.

And, on another note, I am doing a little experimenting with the fabulous Kathyanne White. Kathyanne is known for her fabulous and fearless printing on alternative surfaces. Guess what? She wants to try printing on felt. Stay tuned for more on that topic. And please go and check out her work at Those of you who want to make a thin supple felt to print on could also watch the video to learn to felt.

Blessings to all!