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Monday, January 27, 2014

Nuno Pattern is Available!

Just wanted to post an update about the nuno patterns. The first pattern is available to purchase. Yeah! I've named it the Olivia, and you can use it to make a vest or pull over top. Here are the artist's drawings.

These garments are made by first cutting the fabric, then felting the individual pieces and sewing them together. If you have some felting and preferably some sewing experience, it is a pretty quick process to make one of these. I am continuing to experiment with easy ways to make a seamless nuno garment, and I want to incorporate that into the patterns, so I am working on that. Sorry to be slow, but feel free to order the first pattern if you have some experience. I will ship an actual paper pattern with instructions. If you need fabric or wool, I will custom make what you need (within my given colorways or I can make some solids). Just email me at and let me know what you need. Cheers!


  1. HI Suzanne
    how do I order your Olivia pattern??


  2. Just email me at and I will send a paypal invoice. Thanks! There are also pictures of actual pieces if you scroll down the blog.

  3. Great, Suzanne. I really loved the design. The bottom portion which has that wavy pattern, that simply amazing. I wish I could buy The Olivia pattern clothes for my sister on her birthday, she would be so happy to have that gift. Thank you Suzanne for this informative blog. Keep sharing the good work.

    Robert Green